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Man on the Moon- A rethink


Did Neil Amstrong and Buzz Aldrin really set foot on the Moon ? 
Or was it an elaborate hoax? 
Was it the mere camera trick in a studio in the Nevada Desert ? 
Was NASA fooled the whole world on 20th July 1969 as one of the most historical events of the second millennium.?
Is the giant leap of mankind, the greatest technological achievement so far,  a fake ?
 I would like to call your attention to this issue. 
Many sites available on the web related to this conspiracy theories, both for and against.
This page comprises  a few cut & paste from  these sites with links to them.
Look at their evidence rationally and critically, before you make up your mind.

"How can the flag be fluttering, when there is no wind on the atmosphere free Moon?"  Ralph Rene, a self- taught American structural engineer  kept asking himself, after watching old video footage of man on the Moon.     He started investigating the Apollo Moon landings, scouring every NASA film, photo and report with a growing sense of wonder, until finally reaching an awesome conclusion: America had never put a man on the Moon. Rene put all his findings into a startling book entitled NASA Mooned America.

The Moon or a Studio in the Nevada Desert! (http://www.primeline-america.com/moon-ldg/)

Apollo 11: The shot of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planting the US flag on the moon's surface was taken by a 16mm camera mounted on the Lunar Module. Aldrins shadow 'A' is far longer than Armstrong's. Yet the only light on the moon - and the only light source used by N.A.S.A. - comes from the sun, and should not create such unequal shadows.




 ...Apollo 11: Buzz Aldrin stands with the sun shining down across his left shoulder. Although his right side is in shadow, there is too much detail shown on that side of his space suit 'B'. It should be much darker and less visible because the contrast between light and dark is much greater on the moon.

With no atmosphere to pollute the light on the moon, all the photographs should look bright and crisp. But the landscape behind Aldrin 'C' gradually fades to darkness. This 'fall-off' effect, hoax theorists say, should not occur on the moon. But the fading effect could have happened because film is less adaptive then the human eye and makes objects seem darker the further they are from the camera.

There is a curious object reflected in Aldrin's visor 'D' (circled in red but hard to see in this small picture). Some theorists think it is a helicopter, others say it is a 12-metre glass structure. N.A.S.A. claim it is a piece of equipment on the lunar surface.


...I find this picture especially suspicious. Notice in the upper right that the shadow of the lunar lander extends directly to the right - towards the 3 o'clock position. Then how come the rocks in the lower right foreground have shadows that point to the lower right or 4 o'clock position? Shadows from a source of light that is nearly 100 million miles away (the sun) should be parallel! Even if you take into account that perspective would call for a "vanishing point" - or a point in space where the parallel shadows apparently converge, then according to this picture, that vanishing point (in this case also the source for the light) should be within the field of view as indicated where the two yellow lines cross.


...During 'Apollo 11' the sun was at 10 degrees above the horizon but the pictures depict 30 degrees or so! See the photo. Is this a mistake, or a Whistle-Blower's clue? Varying shadow lengths within any given picture or TV scene imply more than one light source, sometimes positioned at different heights! Clearly, if a picture is genuine, it's not possible to have variations in shadow direction within any one picture.



http://www.mohammedi.freeserve.co.uk/moonshots.html John Young James Irwin
...These shots of John Young and James Irwin - like many Apollo photos - show a lunar sky without stars (J). (Click on the thumbnails for enlarged images) Yet with no atmosphere on the moon, stars should be visible - a fact confirmed by Maria Blyzinsky, Curator of Astronomy at the Greenwich Observatory, London. If NASA could not hope to recreate the lunar sky, they may have opted for simple black backdrops. NASA claim that the sunlight was so strong it overpowered the light from the stars. On the shadow side of the landing modules, there are plaques (K) with the American flag and the words 'United States' quite bright and clearly visible, but the gold foil around the plaques is in near darkness. Studio spotlights highlighting these areas, or technicians retouching the prints, could have caused this effect.


...There is clear, irrefutable evidence that lighting was used in the still photographs, yet no lighting equipment was James Irwin taken to the Moon. For example the sequence of pictures of Aldrin descending the ladder in total darkness during Apollo 11 (see fig 3). David Groves PhD and David Percy have analysed the ‘hotspot’ on the heel on Aldrin’s right boot and found that a directional light was used, it was apparently placed just to the right of the camera position (see illustration).  This finding regarding the location of the light source is supported by a process known as 'ray tracing'—full details can be found in DARK MOON  

Figure 3(click for full picture)

......The US magically gained the upper hand and "put men on the moon", national pride soared, the rest of the world looked on in total amazement, what a fantastic achievement. Speaking for myself, I was totally enthralled, having stood wide eyed and watch the very first "Sputnik", dogs and chimps in orbit, then Yuri Gagarin supposedly orbiting in the night sky, and now to witness mans first step on the Moon, bloody fantastic.

......The time frame of the "manned" lunar missions was right smack in the middle of a solar maximum, a period of high solar activity when it would have been most likely to see solar flares of high magnitude erupting from the Sun, the Soviets knew of the danger, but desperate for some sort of tactical advantage the US went ahead with the charade, here are the sunspot figures (smoothed) for the period of the Apollo program when men were supposedly "walking around" in the microwave oven on the Lunar surface, now of course we see that for humans to survive in the environment outside the VAB, they need specially shielded Astronaut shelters - but these were not available for the Apollo missions, but amazingly no crispy critters. 


...The following are 3 excerpts of Nasa's video clips with my own commentary to point out the discrepancies. The Videos must be downloaded first, unless you have a cable or DSL connection, then you can try the 'streaming' option. They are in RealVideo format and so you will need to have RealPlayer installed on your system, Files are approximately 2~2.5 meg each.

Landing   (Streaming Video)
Dune Buggy (Streaming Video)
TeleTubies (Streaming Video)

Have you ever thought about how much technology the world had in the late 60's and early 70's? Was it enough to get three men out of the Earth's atmosphere and two of them to the moon? Maybe. But how could that be so when the computers used on the Apollo missions didn't have any more memory than a modern day washing machine. And the computers they used, in size, took up more space than the ship had room for. With that in mind, and the fact that the technology in the 60's was merely squat, how could NASA of generated tens of thousands of such high quality images when there weren't even computers good enough to do so? That's where the thought of a possible sound stage comes into question.

...The Lander weighed 17 tons yet the astronauts feet seem to have made a bigger dent in the dust. The powerful booster rocket at the base of the Lunar Lander was fired to slow descent to the moons service. Yet it has left no traces of blasting on the dust underneath. It should have created a small crater, yet the booster looks like it's never been fired.

...In July 1969, more than 600 million people watched in awe, as Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the surface of the moon. The last men to set foot on the moon were the astronauts of Apollo 17, in December 1972. But even before this, a set of conspiracy theories were spreading, the most radical of which claimed that NASA had faked all the lunar landings-that man in fact never landed on the moon. Look at the evidence and decide for yourself

...An average days temperature on the moon ranges from 260° F to 280° F, too for film to survive. At those temperatures, film crinkles up into a ball. About 20 miles about the Earth, there is a radiation belt named the Van Allen belt. No human can get through this belt, If you try than you get hit with 300+ rads of radiation. Unless they are surrounded on each side by 4 feet on lead. There are millions of micro-metors traveling at speeds up to 6000 MPH, which would tear the ship to pieces. If you look at the pictures/video of people on the moon, you will never see more than 3 stars. When the LEM set down on the Lunar surface, it gave out 3000 lb. worth of thrust. This would have created a massive hole underneath the Lunar Module, but in pictures of the Lunar Module, the ground underneath is untouched.

...I have no doubt that America has landed men on the moon.
However I believe that "black" or secret moon programs that the public never heard about achieved this result.
NASA has lied and falsified many of their "achievements".

The goal was to fool the Soviet Union about US strategic capability during the height of the cold war. Deceit, Greed and Injustice... A sad thing happened on the way to the moon. The truth will astound you

...Those who will not accept that Apollo was a fake, have been brain washed into believing the 30 year lies emanating from NASA, whereby they become brain damaged, and lose touch with reality. We've all come across them from time to time as they re-iterate their ridiculous statements like, "I can see the flag through my telescope", or "I saw the rocket lift off, and the TV pictures, so it must have happened". They also make stupid remarks like "What about the Moon rock brought back by the Apollo astronauts". How do WE know its Moon rock, its only NASA's word, and if it is, then it was brought back by scoop and return probe, NOT ASTRONAUTS.

...Surrounding the earth, beginning at an altitude of 1,000 miles and extending an additional 25,000 miles, lie lethal bands of radiation called the Van Allen Radiation Belts. Every manned space mission in history (including Mercury, Gemini, Soyuz, Skylab and the Space Shuttle) has been well below this deadly radiation field... all except Apollo. Recently uncovered footage of the crew of the Apollo 11 staging part of their mission proves that the astronauts never made it beyond earth orbit.

The goal was to fool the Soviet Union about US strategic capability during the height of the cold war. Deceit, Greed and Injustice... A sad thing happened on the way to the moon. The truth will astound you!

A site on the 30th Anniversary of Apollo mission http://www.hq.nasa.gov/office/pao/History/ap11ann/introduction.htm
...On July 20, 1969, the human race accomplished its single greatest technological achievement of all time when a human first set foot on another celestial body.

...Is it faked?  Really, I don't know. If my other theories are correct, then, yes, it is. If not, then what can I say, I am wrong. however, it would be similar to the idea of the lunar landings, even IF they did go by mechanical means, still, they are taking earth frequency machines into the Mars frequency planet, all they will see is Earth frequency existences, they cannot enter the true Martian world with earth based elements

Faked Moon Landings - Apollo Hoax Discussion Web
...On 19th December 1972 the return of the Astronauts of Apollo 17 after the sixth successful Moon landing marked the end of the Apollo era. Thirty years on, many people have been persuaded that the Apollo missions never actually took place and therefore represent the largest hoax in history.

...Ultimately, all of the claims made by the Moon Hoax advocates are easily explainable with a little research, common sense or just a plain good memory of what happened back during the Apollo program. While we remain fiercely critical of the NASA hierarchy in general and certain members of the Apollo team in particular, we should not let that get in the way of our undying admiration for the rank and file men and women, scientists and engineers, who pulled off the most amazing feat in human history -- the Apollo program. To give these silly claims attention, as Fox is now doing, is an insult to those who sacrificed, some with their lives, to get man to the Moon. 

..."Moon rocks are absolutely unique," says Dr. David McKay, Chief Scientist for Planetary Science and Exploration at NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC). McKay is a member of the group that oversees the Lunar Sample Laboratory Facility at JSC where most of the Moon rocks are stored. "They differ from Earth rocks in many respects," he added.


...By all means, question the experts around you and also question those who question those experts. Look deep at the issue and decide for yourself. Facts are facts, though, and they will ultimately withstand the scrutiny, regardless of an experts opinion (or of what side of the issue he stands on). Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. The evidence that we went to the moon with Apollo is extraordinary, while the claims that we did not fall far short.

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